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Caffè Umbria Single Origin Coffee

Colombia La Ilusion
Light Roast - Single Origin - Mono Origine

Recommended for Pour Over, Brewed Coffee, Cold Brew

Our newest Single Origin offering is sourced from a single farm owned by Rosevel Ortiz Escarpeta and his family. This coffee has notes of juicy raspberry with a great body, creamy finish, and exceptional clarity and cleanliness. Roasted light to embrace all the natural flavor from the soil, this coffee is best enjoyed as a pour over or cold brew.

Colombia La Ilusion - 12 oz.
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Colombia La Ilusion - 5 lb.
Price: $70.50
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Colombia Huila Finca La Ilusion

Finca La Ilusión is located in the municipality of San Agustin in the region of Huila, Colombia. Rosevel participated in a government program for farmers displaced during the military conflict in the region, and has successfully become a specialty coffee producer. Composed mostly of Caturra and Castillo beans, this coffee is also used in our Gusto Crema Blend, Arco Etrusco Blend, and Grifo Blend.

The drying process for this coffee is the natural method, which is the oldest method of processing coffee. After harvest, the entire cherry is first cleaned and then placed in the sun to dry on tables or in thin layers on patios.

Deconstructing the Blend

MonoOrigine coffees provide an avenue to explore our blends more deeply. Our interest in single origin coffees (mono origine) is as old as the first torrefazione in Perugia - we have been choosing the best single origin varietals to be part of our blends for generations. Each component of our blends is a high-quality coffee that can stand on its own. Our expertise in choosing coffees from all over the world and bringing out their best characteristics - together in a blend - is leveraged with our single-origin offerings.

Just as the soloist is not in competition with the orchestra, single origin offerings are not in competition with blends - they do provide an opportunity to experience coffee on another level and round out our coffee knowledge.

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