Caffè Umbria Served at Caffé RoM

Caffè RoM

Caffè Umbria Served at Caffé RoM

Caffé RoM It starts with their name, a contemporary twist on the renowned capital city and pronounced the same, RoM. Their name conjures up the idea of roaming, movement, seeking something out....

Their concept was born out of a desire to recreate the fine coffee bar experience found in Italy. After numerous trips to Italy, and always coming home wanting more, the owners, Joe DiCarlo and Jim Louras, decided to import that experience to Chicago. RoM is all about the Italian lifestyle: great coffee, delicious pastry and a cool environment!

Caffè RoM has captured the essence of a modern Italian café found typically in Milan, Florence or Rome. The “bar”, in Italian culture, is a place you visit several times throughout the day. They have successfully imported the fine coffee experience found in Italy’s distinctive and justifiably famous coffee bars. The bar cabinetry is made by Italy’s finest designers and craftsmen. These ultra-contemporary bars are functional pieces of art. Sleek and modern, they provide the refreshing visual facet of the Italian coffee bar experience.

The main reason for a visit to the bar, however, is caffe. Featuring Caffè Umbria Coffee, they serve Arco Etrusco and Bizzarri blends all day. Espresso drinkers make several trips back to the bar to linger over a single or doppio. Their baristas take great pride in creating drinks that are finished with beautiful latte art. Early morning RoM offers a variety of coffees, juice and pastry service. Lunch features traditional Italian style panini, freshly made salads and flaky Quiche. Mid afternoon choices at RoM include signature coffee drinks, featuring layered beverages, which are works of art! They also offer imported gelato and fine chocolates. End your busy day at RoM with a glass of wine or aperitivo, just like they do on the Via Veneto or on the Piazza Navona. RoM offers an always changing wine list (don’t forget the house favorite - Prosecco.) Toast another day of living the Italian lifestyle at Caffè RoM!

When in Chicago, be sure to visit our good friends Joe and Jim at either of the two Caffè RoM locations, located downtown at Millenium Park or near the Sears Tower. Check out their website for more info.

Remember — All roads lead to RoM...