Bizzarri Blend

Bizzarri Blend

Costa Rica Monte Crisol Single Origin

Light Roast - Single Origin - Mono Origine
Recommended for Pour Over, Brewed Coffee, Cold Brew

Our first single origin coffee, made with the esteemed Monte Crisol beans from CoopePalmares in Costa Rica. These beans give our Gusto Crema Blend a subtle sweetness and a touch of citrus on the palate, contributing significantly to its lovely aroma.

Monte Crisol Beans

The Monte Crisol beans are shade grown Heirloom Arabica varieties Caturra and Catuai. Only the very best beans are designated with the "Monte Crisol" label. The premium quality and distinct characteristics of Monte Crisol beans make them ideal for our first single-origin offering.

CoopePalmares, Costa Rica - Raising and Entire Community

CoopePalmares is one of Costa Rica's best coffee growing co-operatives and our primary supplier of Costa Rican varietals. The co-operative provides medical and financial services, and environmental consulting to its 1400 members and their families. CoopePalmares coffees are UTZ Sustainable certified for their strong environmental focus. We support CoopePalmares because of their unsurpassed commitment to their coffees and their community.

Costa Rica Monte Crisol Details

Caffe Umbria MonoOrigine Single Origin Deconstructing the Blend
MonoOrigine coffees provide an avenue to explore our blends more deeply.

Our interest in single origin coffees (mono origine) is as old as the first torrefazione in Perugia - we have been choosing the best single origin varietals to be part of our blends for generations. Each component of our blends is a high-quality coffee that can stand on its own. Our expertise in choosing coffees from all over the world and bringing out their best characteristics - together in a blend - is now leveraged with the Costa Rica Monte Crisol Single Origin.

Just as the soloist is not in competition with the orchestra, single origin offerings are not in competition with blends - they do provide an opportunity to experience coffee on another level and round out our coffee knowledge.

We would like the opportunity to introduce you to our new single origin offering; we're sampling this great coffee throughout the day at the Seattle and Portland cafés.