Caffè Umbria Served Macrina Bakery ~ SODO Café

Macrina SODO

Caffè Umbria Served at Macrina Bakery SODO Café

Macrina Bakery's SODO Café is the latest addition to the Macrina family. In addition to the café, this location is also home to the bread kitchen, wedding cake production, wholesale production, and the main office. This new building is currently undergoing review for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for businesses that follow certain sustainable practices when building or remodeling.

Macrina's philosophy of enhancing the natural products and the flavor of various grains is evident in its baked goods, made with many local Northwest ingredients. This philosophy is based on the model of the traditional old-world bakery, where the bread has unique characteristics because of the use of available regional ingredients. This is bread that is meant to be shared with family and friends, much in following with the vision of founder Leslie Mackie and the 4th century Greek mystic and visionary, Macrina. A renowned pastry chef, Leslie Mackie has received several nominations for the "Outstanding Pastry Chef Award" from the James Beard Foundation, which honors food and beverage industry professionals in America for their achievements.

The SODO Café is located at 1943 First Avenue South in Seattle. We invite you to visit the café to enjoy a Caffè Umbria espresso and your favorite bakery item. For more information, visit the Macrina Bakery web site.